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Any new angler or teams who wish to compete and fish the USA BASSIN open trails for CT or MA please be advised that you need to contact the directors (myself - CT) before heading to the ramp looking to get a spot. Most if not all of our tourneys are booked and have been booked with early registration. I’m only trying to tell you this as I got word yesterday that some teams who have not contacted me may be at the ramp who are new to try and fish which I will have to turn away unfortunately so I'm trying to save those teams a ride and don’t want teams wasting there time driving all the way to ramps for no reason. In saying this please contact me as I can tell you what bodies of water we have openings. "Thanks"

Sorry for any confusion.

***I’m proud to announce that in 2014 you will be able to qualify for the first ever USA BASSIN NEW ENGLAND CLASSIC. This is what everyone has been waiting for and with my efforts along with other directors from New England, and having great anglers on our sides to fish with, this dream has come true. It will be on a random rotating basis and no one from NE will have to drive more than 6 hours to fish and be apart of this great event. While things are still in the works to complete this events task, we are trying to guarantee $3,000 first place prize. Please be patient and I will update when things get finalized. We are close…….

CT and MA Regional 2-day event and will take place on Oct. 11-12 2014 in CT. There was so much interest and liking from teams from last years Regional on 2 different bodies of water, we decided to do it again this year. Regionals will be annonced at the end of the year at our last tourney.

***FEES $$$$ Please remember when mailing in the fee’s and forms that there’s a $25 membership fee per person 16 years of age or older per year, a $60 per boat per entry fee and a $10 optional lunker fee. Please also remember to make all CHECKS out to ME not USA Bassin. 

Plaques given to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place teams overall in the division, regional, and super regional events. TOP 3-5 teams depending on total amount of boat entries in the division overall will get there regional event paid for aka FREE. Depending on numbers at our regional event the top 1-3 teams in the regional event will either get there super regionls paid for or half paid for.

***Remember that there is a 25 BOAT limit for any of the tourneys and only a 20 BOAT limit at Highland Lake. So, if you plan on fishing the entire trail and or a few of the tourneys, I would suggest getting the forms and fee’s in as soon as possible to guarantee a spot. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone one again as well as meeting some new teams for this upcoming season. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or by phone with any questions or concerns. Thanks, Jamie Verab


Questions about the CT, Regional & Super Regionl events please feel free to
contact me.

The #1 Livewell Formula


  • Morning Registration @ Lake Zoar

  • Let the Lake Zoar Tournament Begin!!!

  • Jamie lays out the Prizes @ Zoar

  • Chris Blais & Bill Deoteau with Zoar 1st Place checks

  • Zoars 3rd Place Mohan & Baker 10.38lbs

  • Zoar 2nd Place Team Baranowski 11.68lbs

  • 2010 AOY Team Netolicky

  • highland 1st place team

  • little Veillette

  • Jay Veillette and son, highland weigh-in

  • Dustin netolicky at highland

  • jamie verab at highland

  • Jason LOVES Cochituate for the Regional! Placed 3rd in Mass Division Tournament May 21st..

  • candlewood 2012

  • zoar 1st place 2012

  • Candy smallies


Division Champions

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Season Standings

    Tournament Winners

    • 07/19/2014 Mike Adamcewicz / Ryan Crowley
    • 06/15/2014 Jason Swiantek / Ron Parker
    • 05/03/2014 Mark Tremblay / Mark Tremblay Sr.
    • 08/31/2013 Dave Santos / Jay Veillette
    • 08/31/2013 Nick Papotto / Jim Delisle
    • 08/18/2013 Timothy Joyce / Brian Joyce Ma
    • 08/04/2013 Al Guite / Kevin Lavender
    • 06/09/2013 Dennis Sikorski / Ken Roderick
    • 06/01/2013 Jamie Verab / David Tokarz
    • 05/05/2013 Dennis Sikorski / Ken Roderick
    • 08/30/2012 Kevin Lavender / Al Guite
    • 08/30/2012 Ben Petipas / Chris Wilcox
    • 08/19/2012 Jamie Verab / David Tokarz
    • 08/12/2012 Doug Eriquez / Matt Eriquez
    • 06/17/2012 Steve Panaroni / Briann Pedalino
    • 08/21/2011 Ryan Glover / Joe Gioliano
    • 08/14/2011 Curtis Grasty jr. / Gary Kurensky
    • 07/24/2011 Curtis Grasty jr. / Gary Kurensky
    • 06/05/2011 Steven Bender / Dave Dizob
    • 05/08/2011 Michael Agranoff / Brian Roy
    • 08/22/2010 Bill Decoteau / Trish Decoteau
    • 07/25/2010 Abe Kalechman / Chris Parker
    • 06/06/2010 Johnathon Puhalski 2nd / Johnathon Puhalski 2nd
    • 04/25/2010 Ej Cusano / Seam Lemanski
    • 08/22/2009 Chuck Conner / Ryan Glover
    • 07/12/2009 Chuck Conner / Ryan Glover
    • 06/13/2009 Dominic Lamanno / Dominic jr. Lamanno
    • 05/31/2009 Chuck Conner / Ryan Glover
    • 04/19/2009 Ed Groballi / Jerry Hammont

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