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Tim Robinson
602 Poplar Cove Drive
Brownstown, IN 47220

Assistant Director

John Watson
7353 N State Rd 135
Freetown, IN 47235




October 15, 2017 Tournament Announcement

IN-63 has a tournament taking off out of Duffy's Landing the same day as our 10/15/17 tournament. Instead of one of us rescheuling or making teams choose one division over the other, we will be making some modifications to make it possible for teams to compete in both divisions at the same time if they desire. Please see our updated schedule and info below:

Duffy’s Landing – Jeffersonville, IN

October 15, 2017

8 AM – 4 PM

 o       USA Bassin Teams have the option to fish either IN-59 or IN-63 Tournament, and may fish both divisions that day

o       Tournament entry to each division is $50 per team

o       Teams fishing both divisions will earn points for each division. Points will be determined as usual by how the team finishes in each division

o       5 fish limit for each team and weigh-in for each division will be conducted simultaneously with the same weigh-in scales

o       Optional $10 Big Bass will be available, and Big Bass will be paid out to team with largest (live) bass for the day, regardless of what division(s) the team competed in

o       Optional $20 side-pot available for team that weighs-in heaviest bag of the day regardless of what division(s) the team competed in

o       Take-off position will be conducted by random draw prior to tournament and teams will take-off in order regardless of division



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Division Champions

  • 2018 Tim Robinson / John Watson
  • 2017 Austin Roberts / Jeffrey Roberts

Season Standings

Tournament Winners

  • 11/12/2017 Niel Curry / Richard Estes
  • 10/29/2017 Austin Roberts / Jeffrey Roberts
  • 10/15/2017 Jared Robinson / Justin Robison
  • 09/10/2017 Kenneth Ingle / Kelly Ingle
  • 09/01/2017 Jason Warren / Erik Goldman
  • 10/30/2016 Robert Burks / Kyle Burks
  • 10/16/2016 Mark Skirvin / Robert Skirvin
  • 10/02/2016 Tim Robinson / Reed Robinson
  • 09/18/2016 Austin Roberts / Jeffrey Roberts
  • 09/04/2016 Austin Roberts / Jeffrey Roberts

Highest Season Weight

  • 2018 35.19 lbs. Jared Robinson / Justin Robison
  • 2017 30.29 lbs. Austin Roberts / Jeffrey Roberts

Highest Winning Weight

  • 2018 18.28 lbs. Kenneth Ingle / Kelly Ingle
  • 2017 16.94 lbs. Austin Roberts / Jeffrey Roberts

Lowest Winning Weight

  • 2018 9.23 lbs. Jason Warren / Erik Goldman
  • 2017 3.90 lbs. Austin Roberts / Jeffrey Roberts

Big Bass

  • 2018 5.70 lbs. Lucas Acton / Jason Marlow
  • 2017 5.28 lbs. Robert Burks / Kyle Burks

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