Jerkbait Season is Here

Nov 15, 2017
Here are two great jerkbaits from Bomber

As the cold begins to set in, many anglers reach for jerkbaits when they hit the water. Bomber Lures makes some great ones including these two.

The Suspending Pro Long A was designed with unmatched realism and industry finest components. No need to adjust this lure, it’s weighted to suspend horizontally right out of the package. It’s equipped with #4 Gamakatsu treble hooks and an Excalibur Tear Drop Split ring for increased performance.

The Bomber Long A slender minnow jerkbait is a versatile lure that catches a variety of gamefish, and can be fished with a “twitch-twitch-pause” retrieve for bass, trolled for walleyes, salmon and others, and cast-and-retrieved at a slow, constant pace for trout and other species. The Long A even can be used behind downriggers to get at those really deep fish. Color patterns include new high-tech versions and proven looks that have been catching fish for years.

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