Sherm's Marine Monroe Regional #1

Sep 20, 2021
Mallory and Quinlin take the win.

The team of Lewis Mallory and Mike Quinlin took the win at the Sherm's Marine Monroe Regional #1 this past weekend. The team weighed in a limit worth 16.72lbs, including a 6.07 big bass. 

While they got the win, it wasn't easy as they landed just six keepers on the day.

"We didn't have a keeper for the first two hours," they reported. "Then we would get one here and there and they came slowly. There was no big flurry."

The duo flipped and pitched a jig to wood anywhere from two to five feet of water. This accounted for all of their fish, including the six pounder that bit around 1:00.

Top 5 Results

  1. Lewis Mallory / Mike Quinlin 5/16.72
  2. Richard Baldwin / Charles Cross 5/14.38
  3. Bryan Mccutcheon / Derek Jackson 5/13.22
  4. William Browne  / Duncan Keller 5/13.14
  5. Chris Reynolds / Aaron Walters 5/12.86

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