Bandit B-ROTAN

Jun 28, 2022
Anglers wanted a louder bait with more action, the Bandit B-Rotan delivers to the extreme in both categories.

The Bandit B-Rotan might be the loudest jerkbait ever created. Dual rattle chambers hold four nickel steel balls which create an unmatched thumbing sound that will cut through the muddiest of water to attract fish. The wide wobble and extremely exaggerated swimming motion add to the attractiveness when fish close in for an inspection of the commotion. Built off the proven chassis of the Bandit Walleye Shallow and Walleye Deep, the B-Rotan is 4.625 inches long and weighs 5/8 of an ounce. It can be cast or trolled. When retrieving, it hits eight feet deep. Trolling gets it down to 16. Natural forage patterns and brighter designs makes the Bandit B-Rotan a mutli-species weapon for bass or walleyes. 

  • Dual sound chambers, four nickel steel rattles
  • Retrieves 6-8 feet deep, trolls to 16
  • Same size and shape as the proven Bandit Walleye Shallow and Bandit Walleye Deep

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