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Nov 02, 2022
Here are a few of the new items at Land Big Fish.

Zoom Bait - More Special Run Color Ghost Herring - October 29, 2022
The new Zoom Special Run Color Ghost Herring (color #433) is now available in more models. Choose from 6 different body styles currently in stock, including the most recent additions in the Zoom Baby Brush Hog, Finesse Worm, Super Fluke, and Trick Worm!

Sunline Super Natural Metered Monofilament Line - NEW IN FISHING LINE - October 29, 2022
A world class nylon monofilament designed specifically for the US market is now available in a high visibility metered color. The metered pattern repeats 12" high visibility chartreuse and 48" clear. The high-vis marking allows anglers to see their lines better while still being able to tie their lure on in the clear sections of the line.

Boogerman Buzzbait - BACK IN ACTION! - October 29, 2022
"The Clack is Back!" Unleash the Boogerman and watch the EXPLOSION! The Boogerman Buzzbait's signature keeled head and adjustable blade makes the Boogerman the best topwater buzzbait on the market. Right out of the package the Boogerman's infamous "CLACK" is ready to call up the most aggressive fish for heart-stopping strikes. Or, if you want a more subtle and traditional buzzbait, simply adjust the blade wire to ease the strike on the keeled head.

Phenix Rods Feather Series Rods - MORE MODELS - October 29, 2022
The Feather series promises to be one of the lightest, most sensitive rods the fishing industry has ever seen. The unique taper of the Feather series blank is designed using a cross weave of 36 and 40 ton carbon fiber with Phenix Rods proprietary Nanolite resins. This visual taper puts the balance of the new Feather rod in the palm of your hand. The Feather series features their new Essex T-Ring Premium Carbide guides with FrameLoc technology. We've expanded our selection.

Phenix Rods Maxim II Series Rods - NOW AVAILABLE - October 29, 2022
The redesigned Phenix Maxim Series bass rods utilize an upgraded 30-ton Multi-Axis Carbon Fiber scrim. They've added a K-Woven outer scrim to the new Maxim allowing Phenix to build an extremely light and sensitive rod. The Maxim features a Phenix exclusive custom split style one-piece reel seat. Camo colored high-density EVA grips, Essex proprietary SiC guides, and clip style hook keeper.

Z-Man SMH Jigheads - NEW IN JIGHEADS - October 29, 2022
Made to match the SMH WormZ and accentuate tail motion, the SMH Jighead was built to Brian 'B.Lat' Latimer's exacting specs: specific angles and head shape to precise hook ingredients. To aid its ability to slide cleanly through grass and brush, pivot smoothly on the bottom, and walk over rocks and other obstructions, the jighead features a pointed nose and angled eyelet. The hook-eye itself is slightly recessed for further snag-resistance. We added all colors & sizes.

Z-Man SMH WormZ - NEW IN SOFT BAITS - October 29, 2022
Sleek, simple and unceasingly active, the SMH WormZ mirrors what designer Brian 'B.Lat' Latimer calls that classic Coke-bottle shape. Sculpted for subtle yet unstoppable underwater movement, the SMH WormZ starts with a substantial but slender head and torso, ideally shaped for easy hook penetration. Gradually, it slims down to a wispy-thin midsection that enables tail-kicking and undulating as the angler shakes the line. We added all colors!

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