New and Updated Rules for 2008

Dec 18, 2007
U.S.A. BASSIN continues to grow at exciting levels with new divisions, added states, membership and sponsorship. Due to this growth positive rule changes are being made for you the angler. These rules will help enhance your tournament fishing experience, and the continued growth of U.S.A. BASSIN.
Here is the list of new/updated rules:
Dead Fish Penalty: For each dead fish a .50 or ½ pound penalty will be deducted from your total weight. A dead fish will not be weighed-in as big fish. Tournament director will make final decision if fish is dead or not. Fish that appears altered or mangled shall be the tournament director’s decision to weigh or not to weigh the fish.
Points: Any ONE team with a score of 1500 points or more in the Open Division will receive a free membership good for the next season.
An Immediate family member may serve as a substitute in a tournament at any time and all points will be retained. (Immediate family members are classified as Grandparents, Parent, Spouse, Sibling, Child, Grandchild, Uncles, Cousins or in-laws of the same.) That family member may serve as a substitute only two times during the season without paying a membership. A participant may fish any division solo or declare a partner prior by the start of the third Tournament within a Division. Your declared partner must fish in three weekend tournaments or six weeknight tournaments to be eligible to fish in a USA BASSIN Regional or Classic Tournament. You can only fish a USA BASSIN Regional or the Classic tournament with your declared partner. If your declared partner cannot fish a USA BASSIN Regional or the Classic tournament you may fish it solo. No Substitutes permitted at the Regional or Classic tournament.
Please be sure to review all the tournament rules on the website. If you have any questions pertaining to the rules ask your tournament director prior to the start of the tournament.
Good luck fishing and be safe on the water!

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