Night Fishing U.S.A. Bassin Style

Jul 05, 2013
Night fishing can be one of the best and most exciting ways to catch bass. During the summer months the big bass feed at night and it is a great way to beat the heat. U.S.A. Bassin has several night fishing divisions across the country and tournament anglers have found it to be a fun way to fish a tournament. “We have teams that will drive three or four hours to fish our tournaments because they really want to be able to fish a night tournament. The interest is really growing and we have up to 30 boats at some of our events now,” said Steve Hanson, Tournament Director for the Lake Monroe Thursday Night Division. Hanson also competes in the Lake Monroe Saturday Night Division and explained that tournaments run from 7pm until 3am, allowing anglers to fish during the evening hours as well. “It doesn’t get dark until around 9pm, so guys can run to their spots while it is still light out and get ready for it to get dark. In Indiana you are not able to run the boat after dark, so you have to idle, making those first two hours crucial,” added Hanson. Even with idling after dark, the weights that are brought to the scales are excellent. “It takes weights in the upper teens and even over twenty pounds to win the event. The night bite is usually very good during the summer,” said Hanson. The Thursday Night Division runs from June to late August and is from 6pm-9pm. “This is great for teams that want to get their tournament fix during the week,” added Hanson. All of the tournaments are held on Lake Monroe out of Cutright Ramp. For more information about night tournament in your area, check the Tracker/Nitro Team Trail page for scheduling information. By: Tyler Brinks

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