Kentucky Divisional Tournaments

Complete listing for Kentucky

KY-01 Prowler Twin Lakes Fall DivisionKY-02 Renegade Twin Lakes Saturday Night DivisionKY-03 Renegade Twin Lakes Summer Division
KY-04 Ohio River Big Bone DivisionKY-05 Ohio River Warsaw City DivisionKY-06 Taylorsville Lake Division
KY-07 Yatesville Lake DivisionKY-08 Green River Lake DivisionKY-09 Barkley Lake Division
KY-10 Guist Creek Lake DivisionKY-11 Cave Run Lake Spring DivisionKY-12 Grand Rivers Spring Division
KY-13 Ohio River Carrollton DivisionKY-14 Green River Lake Night DivisionKY-15 Southern Kentucky Winter Division
KY-16 Cedar Creek Lake DivisionKY-17 Backwater Lake Cumberland DivisionKY-18 Little River Division
KY-19 Guist Creek Fall DivisionKY-20 Beshear Lake DivisionKY-21 Williamstown Lake Fall Division
KY-22 Linville Lake DivisionKY-23 Herrington Lake DivisionKY-24 Willisburg Lake Division
KY-25 Herrington Lake Fall DivisionKY-26 Williamstown Lake DivisionKY-27 Barkley Tuesday Night Division
KY-28 Little River Fall Division KY-29 Guist Creek Next Generation DivisionKY-30 Buckhorn Lake Division
KY-31 Beaver Lake Fall DivisionKY-32 Cave Run Lake Summer DivisionKY-33 Barkley Lake Summer Division
KY-35 Grand Rivers Summer DivisionKY-37 Taylorsville Lake Fall DivisionKY-38 Grand River Fall/Winter Division
KY-41 Laurel Lake DivisionKY-42 Ohio River Westport Fall DivisionKY-43 Tennessee River Fall Division
KY-44 Beaver Lake DivisionKY-45 Lake Malone DivisionKY-46 Lake Malone Fall Division
KY-47 Herrington Lake Winter DivisionKYCE-01 Twin Lakes Fall / Spring Co-Ed DivisionKYNG-01 LBL/Kentucky Lake Next Generation
KYNG-02 Prowler Next Generation

Divisional Tournaments

The U.S.A. Bassin Team Trail is a team based trail. You are allowed to fish this trail with any current member of U.S.A. Bassin. If you want to fish with someone who isn't a member, that person needs to become a member first. It's a quick and simple process to become a member. Any person that is under the age of 19 before the end of the season is considered a youth and their membership is free.

Team Trail Overview:

  • 10 Tournament Divisions with a  $25.00 Entry Fee have a 70% payback
  • 5 Tournament Divisons with a $50.00 Entry Fee have a 70% payback
  • 5 Tournament Divisions with a $75.00 Entry Fee have a 80% payback
  • Finish the season with 250+ points to qualify for a regional tournament

If you qualify for a regional tournament, you may fish any regional you choose. Finishing in the top 30 percent of a regional tournament qualifies a team to fish either the Ranger Comanche Classic or the Ranger Aluminum Cup, your choice. Teams that finish in the bottom 70 percent qualify to fish only the Ranger Aluminum Cup. Please visit our Championship section to read more detail on those tournaments.

Next Generation Teams: 

  • 150 or more points qualifies for the Next Generation Classic
  • 250 or more points qualifies for the Next Generation Classic and a Regional Tournament of your choice

Co-Ed Teams:

  • 150 or more points qualifies for the Co-Ed Classic
  • 250 or more points qualifies for the Co-Ed Classic and a Regional Tournament of your choice

Click Here to view all Team Trail events

More Ways To Win!!

     Win a Free Entry!!! Finishes in 1st or finish 2nd place out of the money in any USA BASSIN tournament and receive a check from Solar Bat® in the amount of the entry fee, up to a maximum entry fee of $200.00. In team tournaments, with both team members eligible, 100% of the entry fee and $100.00 gift certificate will be awarded. If only one team member is eligible 50% of the entry fee plus $50 gift certificate will be awarded. To qualify for this program the Solar Bat sunglasses must have been purchased from the U.S.A. BASSIN Web Site during the 2020 season.

Here’s how it will work:

  • All teams that finish the 2020 Season (Sept 1, 2019 thru Aug. 31, 2020) with 1500 points or more will be eligible to compete for a (1 team) entry into the 2021 Bassmaster Team Championship.
  • The (1 team) entry into the 2021 Bassmaster Team Championship will be awarded to the highest finishing eligible team in the 2021 Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions, held in April, 2021 on Lake Chickamauga. 
  • No Added Fee!! USA BASSIN will pay the entry fee and registration (a $1,000 value) for this team.

About the Bassmaster Team Championship

Founded in 2014, the Bassmaster Team Championship fields approximately 175 two-angler teams each year. The teams qualify by winning championships or performance points titles on one of dozens of B.A.S.S. sanctioned team tournament circuits. The teams compete for two days to earn the title of top team in the nation. Next, members of the Top 3 teams fish solo for two more days, with the winner of that phase qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic.