Jackson Kayak Classic


Championship Events

Date Lake Launch Ramp Time Results
10/13/2023Kentucky LakeRamps TBA7:00 am to 3:00 pmView
10/14/2023Kentucky LakeRamps TBA7:00 am to 3:00 pmView
10/18/2024Kentucky LakeRamps TBA7:00 am to 3:00 pmN/A
10/19/2024Kentucky LakeRamps TBA7:00 am to 3:00 pmN/A

Top Ten Results

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Bold indicates a division champion
Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

* indicates a big bass option.

1Hank Newson / Kayak Kayak152.25
2Marcas Grubbs / Kayak Kayak151.51
3Samuel Beck / Kayak Kayak151.50
4Paul Averill / Kayak Kayak151.00
5David Habenstein / Kayak Kayak149.25
6Chris Falin / Kayak Kayak147.50
7Timothy Howard / Kayak Kayak146.25
9Ben Lowry / Kayak Kayak145.00
10Brian Spalding / Kayak Kayak144.75

Top Ten Big Bass Results

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Bold indicates a division champion
Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

* indicates a big bass option.

10/13 to 10/13
1Paul Averill / Kayak Kayak19.00
2Daniel Maffei / Kayak Kayak18.50
3Chad Eichhorn / Kayak Kayak17.50
4Marcas Grubbs / Kayak Kayak17.25
5Chris Falin / Kayak Kayak17.00
6Rowdy Farinelli / Kayak Kayak17.00
7David Habenstein / Kayak Kayak17.00
8David Elisea / Kayak Kayak17.00
9Jeremy 1 Hayes / Kayak Kayak16.75
10Ronnie Griffith / Kayak Kayak16.75
10/14 to 10/14
1Chris Falin / Kayak Kayak19.76
2Brian Spalding / Kayak Kayak19.75
3Timothy Howard / Kayak Kayak18.00
5Ben Lowry / Kayak Kayak17.75
6Rowdy Farinelli / Kayak Kayak17.50
7Patrick Brust / Kayak Kayak17.00
8Hank Newson / Kayak Kayak16.75
9David Habenstein / Kayak Kayak16.75
10Jeremy 1 Hayes / Kayak Kayak16.50

Contact Championship Staff


Jason Cassetty
6455 Frankfurt Rd.
Oottewah, TN 37363



Jackson Kayak Classic Information

Points to Remember!!!

  • Qualification:
    • All Anglers that finished the 2023 season on the top 200 in National Points or finished the season with 250 points or more are eligible to fish the Jackson Kayak Classic.
    • Licensed Guides currently guiding on Kentucky Lake are not eligible to participate in the Jackson Kayak Classic
    • Anglers that win this event 3 times will not be eligible to participate in the Jackson Kayak Classic.
  • Dates:
    • The Lake will be open to pre-fishing (The Lake will not be closed!!)
    • Official Practice will open starting October 1st, 2023 and remain open through the end of the Jackson Kayak Classic.
      • During the Official Practice days Anglers may not use a Guide or communicate with anyone that is not fishing the Jackson Kayak Classic to gain an advantage over the rest of the field.
    • Registration & Pretournament Meeting: October 12th, 2023
    • Day 1: October 13th, 2023
    • Day 2: October 14th, 2023
    • Rain Out Day: October 15th, 2023
  • Registration & Pretournament Meeting:
    • Registration for this event will be located at the Kentucky Outdoors starting at 4:00pm Friday, October 12th, 2023, with the pretournament meeting to follow at 5:00pm. All Anglers must be present at the pre-tournament meeting, or the Anglers will be disqualified. You may use a proxy if you are unable to attend. There will not be a proxy fee for this event.
  • Entering the Event:
    • The entry fee for this event is $150.00 + $5.50 TourneyX Fee
    • All mailed-in entries must be post marked by October 1st, 2023.
    • USA BASSIN will accept VISA or Master Card payment until October 8th, 2023.
    • We will not accept entry into the event after October 1st, 2023, or at registration for this event.
  • Refunds: 
  • Ramps: Anglers fishing the Jackson Kayak Classic must use one the following ramps.
    • Failure to use one of these ramps will result in disqualification:
      • Ken Lake * 68/80 Fenton * Cherokee State Park * Jonathan Creek Inlet * Jonathan Creek * Sportsman * Sugar Bay Bee Spring * Smith Bay * Big Bear * Malcom Creek * Birmingham Ferry * Pisgah Point * Moors Resort * Buckhorn Bay * LBL Ramp 2 * Twin Lakes * Little Bear * Sleds Creek * KY Dam Marina
  • Weather Delays and Cancelations:
    • In the event of extreme weather conditions such as Tornados, Tornado Warnings, Lightning, or a Small Watercraft Wind Advisory the Classic Director will put the tournament on hold until all warnings expire, or the storms have passed, then and only then will we proceed with the tournament.
    • Should the tournament be delayed due to weather and we decide to launch, the check in times will stand as posted.
    • If the storms or warnings have not passed or expired prior to 10:00am, the Classic Director and staff will make the decision to cancel that day of fishing.
    • Examples:
      • If day 1 of this tournament is canceled, then we will have a one (1) Day Classic Tournament on day 2.
      • If day 2 of this tournament is canceled, then the leaders of day 1 will be crowned the winners.
      • Should both scheduled days of this tournament be cancelled due to a weather-related circumstance, then Sunday, October 15th will be used as the rain out date. We will only use (Sunday, October 15th) as a rain out day if both scheduled days are canceled.
      • If all three days are cancelled, then there will be a Lottery Draw for the Jackson Knarr FD Kayak and $120.00 of the entry fee will be refunded.
  • Payout Ceremony:
    • The Payout Ceremony will be held Saturday, October 14th at Kentucky Outdoors, starting at 5:00pm CT
      • All Anglers that participated in the Jackson Kayak Classic are welcome to attend the Payout Ceremony. All Anglers finishing in the money are required to attend the Payout Ceremony.  


  • There are currently no photos to be shown here.


Championship Winners

  • 2024 Hank Newson / Kayak Kayak

Big Bass

  • 2024 19.76 lbs. Chris Falin / Kayak Kayak

Championship Final Standings

The #1 Livewell Formula

Entries Recd

Last Updated: Oct. 08, 2023

Below is a list of all entries received.

If you have paid for an entry into the Bass Cat Silver Cup and you don't see your name posted on this list please e-mail me at: customerservice@usabassin.com

Boats Anglers Team ID
1 Samuel Beck / Kayak Kayak 0417623
2 Ronnie Griffith / Kayak Kayak 0717523
3 J.j. Humphreys / Kayak Kayak 0739423
4 Chris Falin / Kayak Kayak 0417123
5 Brian Spalding / Kayak Kayak 0731523
6 Jeremy 1 Hayes / Kayak Kayak 0715423
7 Timothy Howard / Kayak Kayak 0715023
8 David Elisea / Kayak Kayak 0414223
9 Steven Kidd / Kayak Kayak 0718823
10 Rachel Painter / Kayak Kayak 0414423
11 Rowdy Fairnelli / Kayak Kayak 0727123
12 Shawn Priest / Kayak Kayak 0651223
13 Mark Nelson / Kayak Kayak 0659123
14 Wally Cardwell / Kayak Kayak 0717723
15 Jerred Matthews / Kayak Kayak 0715323
16 Pat Brust / Kayak Kayak 0657923
17 Ben Lowry / Kayak Kayak 0734523
18 Gene Nichols  Kayak Kayak 0730323
19 Joshua Gilbert / Kayak Kayak 0337023
20 Paul Averill / Kayak Kayak 0729123
21 Daniel Maffei / Kayak Kayak 0710823
22 Kevin Kerr / Kayak Kayak 0740423
23 Christian James / Kayak Kayak 0718723
24 Kyle Edington / Kayak Kayak 0375223
25 Tim Cyr / Kayak Kayak 0425923
26 Marcas Grubbs / Kayak Kayak 0717423
27 Josh Helton / Kayak Kayak 0745623
28 David Habenstein / Kayak Kayak 0661023
29 John Keown / Kayak Kayak 0720623
30 Chris Hogan / Kayak Kayak 0715523
31 Hank Newson / Kayak Kayak 0426323
32 Wade Lovings / Kayak Kayak 0375123
33 Chad Eichhorn / Kayak Kayak 0717323

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