Director's Classic

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Date Lake Launch Ramp Time Results
11/06/2016BarkleyBarkley Marina State Park Ramp7:00 am to 3:00 pmView

Top Ten Results

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Bold indicates a division champion
Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

* indicates a big bass option.

1Joe Johnson / None None19.68
2Darren Napier / Cody Napier18.59
3W.scott Morris / Larry Holland17.96
4Charlie Craycraft / Chester Craycraft12.27
5Brad Myers (ky) / John w Myers (ky)11.48
6Clint Cone / Bruce Morgan11.14
7Kenneth Helton / Gilmer Addington8.44
8Clinton Yeary / William Bohling7.27
9Tim Robinson / Mason Fleetwood5.42
10Clint Sterling / Trent Darlage5.27

Top Ten Big Bass Results

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Bold indicates a division champion
Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

* indicates a big bass option.

11/06 to 11/06
1Darren Napier / Cody Napier6.38
2Kenneth Helton / Gilmer Addington5.62
3Joe Johnson / None None5.53
4W.scott Morris / Larry Holland5.41
5Brad Myers (ky) / John w Myers (ky)5.09
6Jason Gevedon / Brad Adkins4.40
7Charlie Craycraft / Chester Craycraft4.34
8Clint Cone / Bruce Morgan3.47
9Robby Reynolds / Nathan Reynolds3.41
10Tony Eckler / Chuck Manning3.04



Directors Classic

Director’s Classic Update.

Registration will be taken in cash all the way up to the Meeting & Dinner on 11/05/16 at the Lake Barkley State Park Lodge Restaurant starting at 5:00pm.

Directors qualify for the Tournament on 11/06/16, by finishing the 2016 season with 50 or more paid entries. 

If you plan on attending and haven’t already sent in your entry form, please contact the Classic Director:Tim Mills @ 270-889-1187, to ensure your meal .

Remember: Directors and Assistant Director’s can fish together or apart with an alternate amateur angler.

For more information contact Classic Director or view

Director’s Classic Tournament

  • For director’s only!!! Only Director’s that finish the 2016 season with 50 or more paid entries are eligible to fish the Director’s Classic.
  • Winners of the Director’s Classic will win $3,000.00 cash.
  • The Director’s Classic will be held on Barkley Lake, November 6th, 2016.
  • The Director’s Classic entry is $140.00 and includes a chance at the Uncle Sam Bass Challenge and the Big Bass Pot.
  • All mailed in entries must be post marked by October 1st, 2016.
  • If paying by Visa or Master Card, there will be a $10.00 service charge add to your entry fee. USA BASSIN will accept a VISA or Master Card payment until 8pm October 15, 2016.
  • USA BASSIN will accept a Classic entry at registration.
  • Entry fee may be refunded only if the Classic Director is notified by October 15, 2016.
  • Boat numbers will be given out based on when we receive your entry!!!
  • 80% of each entry is used as payback.
  • USA BASSIN will payout 1 place for each 10 entries.   

The Director’s Classic Registration, Pre-tournament Meeting & Meal will be located at the Lake Barkley State Park Lodge Restaurant on Saturday November 5, 2016 starting at 5:00pm.

 Ramp and Weigh-in Site is located at the Lake Barkley State Park Ramp


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Championship Winners

  • 2017 Joe Johnson / None None
  • 2016 Tony Eckler / Chuck Manning

Big Bass

  • 2017 6.38 lbs. Darren Napier / Cody Napier
  • 2016 5.50 lbs. Charlie Craycraft / Chester Craycraft

Championship Final Standings

Entries Recd

Last Updated: Nov. 01, 2016

Below is a list of all entries received.
If you have paid for an entry into the Director's Classic and you don't see your name posted on this list please e-mail me

Boat NO. Anglers Names Team ID
1. John Newton and Larry Skaggs 0121716
2. Ken Hart / William Deaton* 0329916
3 Brian Fisher / Mike Legear* 0474016
4 Jason Gevedon / John Pelfrey 0200116
5 Willy & CJ Wears* 0010016
6 Brad & John Myers* 0486716
7 Tomi Estes / Seth Cline* 0089516
8 Roger l. Brugger / Jim Anderson 0270216
9 Clinton Cones & Lance Freeman 0246016
10 James Siders / Rob Bevington 0343616
11 Caleb Siders / Doug Kaufman 0505116
12 Mike Johnson / Jerry Allman* 0303016
13 Gilmer Addington / Kenny Helton* 0067116
14 Ron Reeder / Lonnie Sadler 0352016
15 W.scott Morris / Larry Holland 0551216
16 Rick Ingram / Mark Cloud 0103116
17 Kevin Yeary / Clinton Yeary 0553016

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