Kentucky Ranger Team Trail Regionals

Complete listing for Kentucky

A2O Ohio River RegionalDay's Eastern Kentucky RegionalRenegade / Prowler Regional

Regional Information

  • All teams that finish the season with 250 points or more qualify to fish a regional of their choose. All qualified teams are welcome to fish as many regionals they choose to fish. 
  • Fishing another Regional will not knock out a Team trying to qualify for the Ranger Comanche Classic. Please let the Regional Director know you have already qualified and if your team finishes in the top 30% USA BASSIN will drop down and qualify the next team to the Ranger Classic.
  • Ranger Comanche Classic: Finishing in the top 30 percent of a regional tournament qualifies a team to fish either the Ranger Comanche Classic or the Ranger Aluminum Cup, your choice. Winners of the Ranger Comanche Classic will win a Ranger Comanche 119 C with a 200 OptiMax Mercury Motor
  • Ranger Aluminum Cup: All teams that fish in a Regional Event but did not finish in the top 30% (by total weight) will only be eligible to fish the Ranger Aluminum Cup Tournament. Winners of the Ranger Aluminum Cup will win a RT178 Ranger Boat  with a 90HP Mercury Motor.
  • Nightfishion Classic: All Teams that fish a Regional event are qualified to fish in the Nightfishion Classic Tournament held on Kentucky Lake the last weekend of August every year.  First Place Prize in this event is $10,000 in Cash!!!
  • Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions: Top three teams from each Regional event qualifies for the Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions.The Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions is a “FREE” tournament!! The Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions will be held on Kentucky Lake during the USA BASSIN Championship Week. The Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions is valued at $15,000 with First Place being a guaranteed $10,000 in Cash.

Regional Schedule:

Date Regional        Lake / River Guaranteed 1st. Place Prize


09/12/2015 Patoka Lake Regional #1 Patoka Lake                $5,000.00 View
09/12&13/2015 Sport World Lake of Ozarks Regional Lake of Ozarks                $2,000.00 View
09/13/2015 Patoka Lake Regional #2 Patoka Lake                $2,500.00 View
09/19/2015 Southern Illinois State Regional Rend Lake                $5,000.00 View
09/19/2015 Northern Indiana Regional St. Joe River                $1,000.00 View
09/19&20/2015 Massachusetts State Regional Mashpee / Wakepee / Cochituate                $1,000.00 View
09/20/2015 Day's Eastern Kentucky Regional Cave Run                $2,500.00 View
09/27/2015 Renegade / Prowler Regional Rough River Lake                $5,000.00 View
09/27/2015 New Jersey State Regional Northeast River                $1,000.00 View
10/2,3,4/2015 Ted's Aqua Marine Regional Geist Reservoir                $3,000.00 View
10/04/2015 Southern Ohio State Regional Rocky Fork                 $3,500.00 View
10/04/2015 West Michigan State Regional Muskegon Lake                 $2,000.00 View
10/04/2015 West Virginia Regional Summersville Lake                $1,000.00 View
10/17/2015 Team C&O Marine Old Hickory Regional Old Hickory Lake                 $5,000.00 View
10/31/2015 Tom's Marine Cherokee Lake Regional Cherokee Lake                 $3,000.00 View
11/01/2015 A2O Ohio River Regional Ohio River / Cox's Park                 $2,500.00 View
     TBA Central Florida Regional                                                     Lake Toho                 $1,000.00 View
     TBA Florida State Regional St.Johns River                    $1,000.00 View
     TBA Kansas State Regional Wilson Lake/Milford Lake                 $1,500.00 View
     TBA Oklahoma State Regional                 TBA                 $1,000.00 View
     TBA Flannagan Lake Regional Flannagan Lake                 $1,000.00 View
     TBA Mazanet Marina Regional                   TBA                 $1,000.00 View

                                                                                                     More Ways to Win Cash!!

  • Uncle Sam Bass Challenge:  All Regional events are sanactioned under the Uncle Sam Bass Challenge.
    • Here's How it works:
      • Only a team’s biggest bass of the tournament will be eligible for Uncle Sam Bass
      • $5.00 of each entry will be escrowed into the Uncle Sam Bass Challenge fund.
      • The winner will be the team or teams that match the exact weight of Uncle Sam Bass.
      • All Ties will split winnings. Ties could be within the tournament your fishing or with another sanctioned event held on the same date.
      • If a winner is achieved payout will be as follows:
        • ½ of the value of Uncle Sam Bass for catching the winning fish
        • ½ of the value of Uncle Sam Bass awarded to the winners if they have purchased any products from the USA BASSIN web site, within the last 90 days.
        • $1,000 if the team has a Garmin Fishfinder mounted to their boat.
        • If no winner is achieved all proceeds from the Uncle Sam Bass Challenge will be rolled over to the next Uncle Sam Bass sanctioned event.
        • Winners must be present to win!!

Visit the USA BASSIN web site to view the current value and all Uncle Sam Bass sanctioned events!!

If the winner of any 2015 Regional event, a Lucas Oil Open Event, the Ranger Aluminum Cup, The Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions, the Ranger Comanche Classic, the Nightfishion Classic or hits the Uncle Sam Bass Lottery, fishing from a boat equipped with a mounted Garmin marine electronics, Garmin will award that winner the Garmin Grand Giveaway of $1,000.

Win a Free Entry into the Nightfishion Classic!!

Here’s How: If the winner of any 2015 Regional Event, or a Lucas Oil Open Event, The 2015 Ranger Aluminum Cup, The 2015 Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions or 2015 Ranger Comanche Classic wins the tournament fishing from a boat equipped with a Nightfishion System, Nightfishion will award the wining team a free entry into the Nightfishion Classic.
Catch the biggest bass in any U.S.A. BASSIN tournament or hit the Uncle Sam Bass Lottery using an All Pro Rod and receive a free All Pro Rod. To qualify for this program the rod must have been purchased from the U.S.A. BASSIN Web Site during the 2015 season.
All USA BASSIN tournaments will be eligible for Denali's contingency program. Any qualified winner will win up to $250 Denali retail rod credit redeemable for Denali rods at any participating dealer or Certificate amount is determined by total number of boats fishing respective tournament. Payout is $5 per boat with a maximum of $250 (minimum 10 boat field).
Win a Free Entry!!! Finishes in 1st or 10th place in any USA BASSIN tournament and Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc. will pay 100% of the next tournament entry fee if both fishermen qualify for the contingency or 50% if only one fisherman on the team qualify. To qualify for this program the Solar Bat sunglasses must have been purchased from the U.S.A. BASSIN Web Site during the 2014 season.