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Matthew Brock
2714 State Highway OO
Cedarcreek, MO 65627

Assistant Director

Dave Mueller
1027 Melody Mountain Rd
Cedar Creek, MO 65627




Bull Shoals/Lake Taneycomo Division

April 7th, 2020

Tournament #1 on 4/19/2020 has been cancelled.


July 26th, 2019

We have made a ramp change from Empire Park to the ramp next to Scotty's Trout Dock in Branson, MO.  Empire Park is currently closed due to the issues at Powersite Dam.  


May 15th, 2017

The lake level is still extremely high as of this past weekend.  I drove over to the Beaver Creek boat ramp and took a look.  People have been launching from the road just above the boat ramp without much issue.  There seems to be plenty of places to park the trucks as well.  We are going to have the tournament as scheduled Sunday.  I hope to see everyone out there!

May 9th, 2017

As of today the Bull Shoals Lake level is 690.63; almost 30 feet above power pool.  With under 2 weeks until our next tournament, I will monitor the situation and keep this page updated.  I will also update the Facebook page with any current news.  If we have to reschedule the event, I will post information here in the news section, on Facebook, and call everyone that fished the first tournament.

We will fish all 5 tournaments this year.  If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me anytime.

April 4th, 2017

Welcome to the Bull Shoals/Lake Taneycomo Division!!

My name is Matthew Brock and I am the Tournament Director for this division.  My contact information as well as my Assistant Director's contact information is available on on the right hand portion of this page.  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions or concerns.  Also, please like and share the facebook page for this division. https://www.facebook.com/USA-Bassin-MO-11-1849472755307147/

All tournament entries will be $65/boat (no checks accepted day of tournament).  $50 will go into the pot with 70% payout.  $10 will go into the big bass pot for that day's tournament.  The extra $5 is to cover the lake usage fee on Bull Shoals. Once that pot reaches the $100 fee, the remainder of the money collected over the year will go into a yearly Big Bass pot.  I will make a point to keep you guys updated on that pot size right here in the news section.

Please be at the boat ramp early for each tournament.  It takes some time to get everyone registered, check live wells, and launch boats.  The rule book states that entries are not received later than 30 minutes prior to start time.  Getting to the ramp early keeps everything running smoothly.  If you haven't already filled out a registration form, I encourage you to do so before the day of the tournament.  While you can register with USA Bassin at the ramp, filling out the form before you arrive will speed things up tremendously.

I look forward to a great year with all of you!  See you on the 23rd!


  • Tournament #1 Winners Billy Elbert and Zach Farmer with their 19.52lb bag!

  • Elias Williams with his 6.08lb Big Bass Winner!

  • Tournament #2 Winners Justin Layton and Zach Pitney with their five smallies!

  • Elias Williams shows us his second place fish in tournament #2.

  • Tournament #3 Winners Chris Scott and Cole Van Horn's 6.07lb Big Bass Winner.

  • Tournament #4 Wes Potter and Cody Sisco showing off their winning bag; plus big bass!

  • 2017 Division Winners Wes Potter and Cody Sisco!


Division Champions

  • 2020 Elias Williams / Robert. Williams
  • 2019 Sean Nichols / David Rogers
  • 2018 David Rogers / Sean Nichols
  • 2017 Cody Sisco / Wes Potter

Season Standings

Tournament Winners

  • 08/30/2020 Billy Elbert / Mark Diaz
  • 08/09/2020 Elias Williams / Robert. Williams
  • 07/19/2020 Dave Mueller / Matthew Brock
  • 06/28/2020 Elias Williams / Robert. Williams
  • 05/17/2020 Billy Elbert / Mark Diaz
  • 08/18/2019 Robert. Williams / Elias Williams
  • 07/28/2019 Sean Nichols / David Rogers
  • 06/23/2019 Robert. Williams / Elias Williams
  • 05/19/2019 Robert. Williams / Elias Williams
  • 04/14/2019 Billy Elbert / Jason Westrip
  • 07/22/2018 David Rogers / Sean Nichols
  • 06/03/2018 Zach Pitney / Justin Layton
  • 05/20/2018 Billy Elbert / Zach Farmer
  • 04/15/2018 Mike Spears / Keith Schroeder
  • 03/25/2018 Garrett Henson / Myron Kaufman
  • 08/06/2017 Kent Dotson Jr. / Beau Dotson
  • 07/23/2017 Cody Sisco / Wes Potter
  • 06/25/2017 Chris Scott Mo / Cole Vanhorn
  • 05/21/2017 Justin Layton / Zach Pitney
  • 04/23/2017 Billy Elbert / Zach Farmer
  • 07/18/2015 Luke Sehridde / Derek Keys
  • 06/20/2015 Chris Taul / Billy Pollard
  • 05/23/2015 Luke Sehridde / Derek Keys
  • 04/18/2015 Luke Sehridde / Derek Keys
  • 03/14/2015 Chris Brooks1 / Ianna Rhodes
  • 07/19/2014 Luke Sehridde / Derek Keys
  • 06/21/2014 Luke Sehridde / Derek Keys
  • 05/17/2014 Luke Sehridde / Derek Keys
  • 04/19/2014 Gerald Pagan / Chris Paul
  • 03/15/2014 Chris Scott Mo / Cole Vanhorn
  • 08/24/2013 Chris Scott Mo / Cole Vanhorn
  • 08/17/2013 Gerald Pagan / Chris Taul
  • 08/03/2013 Chris Scott Mo / Cole Vanhorn
  • 06/29/2013 Bob Cline / Mark Reyes
  • 03/30/2013 Gerald Pagan / Chris Taul

Highest Season Weight

  • 2020 68.54 lbs. Elias Williams / Robert. Williams
  • 2019 65.69 lbs. Sean Nichols / David Rogers
  • 2018 55.87 lbs. David Rogers / Sean Nichols
  • 2017 46.34 lbs. Elias Williams / Roy Hopkins

Highest Winning Weight

  • 2020 20.03 lbs. Elias Williams / Robert. Williams
  • 2019 20.83 lbs. Sean Nichols / David Rogers
  • 2018 20.32 lbs. Garrett Henson / Myron Kaufman
  • 2017 19.52 lbs. Billy Elbert / Zach Farmer

Lowest Winning Weight

  • 2020 13.17 lbs. Billy Elbert / Mark Diaz
  • 2019 8.80 lbs. Robert. Williams / Elias Williams
  • 2018 12.61 lbs. Zach Pitney / Justin Layton
  • 2017 9.36 lbs. Justin Layton / Zach Pitney

Big Bass

  • 2020 7.09 lbs. David Rogers / Sean Nichols
  • 2019 7.00 lbs. Tyler Frahm / Jace Bartlett
  • 2018 7.46 lbs. Roy Hopkins / Elias Williams
  • 2017 6.18 lbs. Billy Elbert / Zach Farmer

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