Missouri : MO-14 Table Rock Lake North Division

Event Schedule

Date Lake Launch Ramp Time Results
03/08/2020Table Rock LakeMill Creek Ramp6:45 am - 3:00 pmView
05/23/2020Table Rock LakeAunts Creek Ramp6:30 am - 2:30 pmView

Top Standings

Place Team Points
1 Kurtis Dooly / Lief Millican194
2 Austin Ware / Randy Conlon192
3 Randy Yancey / Westin Yancey185
4 Alan Quick / Marcus Sherman100
5 Mike Sisco / Josh Kritch99
5 Luke Routh / Ricky Clemen99
7 Michael Redd / Roman Hanks98
8 Dave Austin-mo / Cledas Manuel97
8 Matt Garrett / Kaleb Rook97
10 Kyle Moore / None None96
11 Austin Lowrey / None None95
11 Andy Archdale / Kyle Moore95
13 Clayton Chandler #2 / Michael Chandler94
14 Kris Simmons / Michael Simmons93
14 Tre Scoggins / Khye Scoggins93
16 Jason Bills / Kara Bills92
17 Jacob Wade / None None50
17 Mark Rawlings / Adam Rawlings50
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Red indicates a next generation team.
Blue indicates a coed team.

Contact Division Staff


Kurtis Dooly
532 Ponderosa Ave
Rogersville, MO 65742




2020 MO14 Spring Division, Table Rock North Spring Schedule. Now Out!


For complete results, click on the picture or link below or go to www.usabassin.com

This is the first season for our 'LargemouthBassNation.com Team Bass Tournaments. These will be OPEN tournaments and are Team Events, but can be fished 'solo' too! Co-ed & NextGen Teams welcome!

Entry fees for these '4' OPENS this year will be $100, and a $10 Discount off entry with an LBN  Discount Card on any 2 of the 3 'stand-alone' OPENS! Also, if LBN cardholder has a current USA Bassin membership card, they can save $5 Off any 2 of the 4 other stand-alone Division tourneys. Cards are $21 Online at www.largemouthbassnation.com 

All Division MO14 (Spring) and MO12 (Fall) tournaments are  ALL $80 entry and Payout is 75% to 80% with a bigger proportionate share going to the winner! With 10 boats, First Place guarantee will be $500+ with $10 per paid entry to Big Bass and either $15 per entry paid to second and $5 per paid entry to 'first out of the money' total, or $20 to second place. For Example, with 10 boats entered, the payout is $500 first, $100 Big Bass, $150 Second Place and $50 to either 2nd Big Bass or Non-Winning Boat Draw pays $50 OR carries forward to 2nd OPEN Tournaments 

Watch for our announcements here of a few of our summer Big Bass Blasts and Invitational tournaments on www.largemouthbassnation.com or Facebook/LargemouthBassNation/ too!

USA Bassin & Largemouth Bass Nation (LBN) OPEN Bass Tourneys

Table Rock Lake 2020 Spring Schedule

3-8-2020 Table Rock Mill Creek $100 1 of 4 645-300

Joint MO14 Divison 1 of 5; & Open No. 1 of 4

4-11-2020 Table Rock Ants Creek $100 2 of 4 700-300 pm

Open No. 2 of 4


5-16-2020 Table Rock Cape Fair Marina $100 3 of 4 630-230  Open No. 3 of 4
6-13-2020 Table Rock Mill Creek Ramp  $100 4 of 4 630-230 pm Open No. 4 of 4

*The top 3 USA Bassin teams of this LBN OPEN tournament that acquire 250 or more points, during the 2020 season, will also qualify for the Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions where the highest qualified finishing team will have a chance to win a free entry into Bassmaster Team Championship. This is your chance to make it to the Bassmasters Classic!!

** This is an Open tournament, meaning you do not have to be a current  USA BASSIN member to participate. If you want to become a USA BASSIN member, memberships are $30.00 per person and you'll receive points that count toward your 2020 points standings!

Remember, the team who wins the division qualifies for next year's Big Bass Tournament and the Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions on Lake Chickamauga with a $10000 guaranteed first-place prize!

The Lucas Oil Tournament of Champions is valued at $15,000 with First Place being a guaranteed $10,000.00 in Cash. The top 10 teams in this event will receive a cash payback. There will be a $500.00 Big Bass Pot.

There are Five Ways to Qualify for this Event:

  • 1. Be a Divisional Champion of any USA BASSIN Division during the 2020 season
  • 2. Catch the Biggest Bass in your Division and acquire 250 or more points during the 2020 season
  • 3. Finish 'Top 3' in the division for the 2020 seasons and have a 1,000 points or more
  • 4. Finish in the top 3 at a 2020 Regional Event
  • 5. Finish in the top 3 at a Lucas Oil Open Event and finish the 2020 season with 250 points or more                                                                                   


  • We will not weigh a 'dead' fish for big bass!
  • Each dead fish is 1/2 lb penalty deducted from total weight!
  • If the majority of your fish are dead or dying, the tournament director will decide either to weigh or not weigh your catch!  No exceptions / No appeals! Their determination is final!
  • A 'short' fish brought to the tub will not be weighed and we will also cull your 'largest fish' as a penalty! No exceptions!!
  • A bump board is provided and your shortest fish will be measured! 
  • All culling must be done on the water & no 'passing of fish' between teams!
  • Once all your fish are in the tub, they belong to USA Bassin, and must not be handled by anyone other than the director or their assigned assistant! 
  • Safety & Sportsmanship
  • Life jackets with kill switches attached when the big motor is above 'idle'
  • Proceed by the tournament director when your boat number is called with live well(s) open
  • No fishing within 50 feet of any boat sitting with boat stopped and fishing!
  • No fishing any marina docks where gasoline is sold and any other 'off-limits' which the director may name!
  • Watch your wake around docks and any other boats whether fishing boats or other types!
  • Practice safe boating principals and call me, Randy Yancey 843-267-3152 if you have an emergency, have to leave early, big motor problems, etc. If you don't call and don't show up and check-in at the weigh-in, we won't know if you're stranded on the lake or at home safe! We can't help you if we don't know what's going on!!

This is just a short summation of some of the rules and regulations! It is each entrants' responsibility to know the rules and they are available by going here, http://www.usabassin.com/modules.php?name=Divisions&divisionID=520 and clicking on the correct 'Rules' link/tab!

Also, want members' input of what kind of tournaments you would like to see, what format, etc within this division.in the summer months!  Please go to this link to choose your selection!


Go here for details, last tournament results, and pictures, and to enter Online. https://wp.me/P6wm5D-6CU

Weekend Forecast, Table Rock Lake, 2019, Click Here!

Current Fishing Reports Table Rock lake, Scroll down to the bottom of this page!

Tournaments Results for April 14th, 2018 at Cape Fair marina

Top Bag and Big Bass went to Brent Algeo & Jim Copeland     5/5      17.43#         4.82 Big Bass   

Second Place to Nick Mitchell & Chris Baumbach                    5/5      11.04           

Third Place went to  Del & Dwight Lewis                                    5/5      10.82           2.86 Big Bass

Congrats and hope to see everyone, Sunday, October 13th at Cape Fair marina and October 19th at Mill Creek ramp!!  


Attention: We ALLOW  the fishing of A rigs for Table Rock Fall & North division of USA Bassin National fishing trail! Attention!!

Though it is left up to the Tournament Direct of each division, you may find that in fishing on to regionals and national events, that may NOT always be the case for legal 'umbrella rigs'! Some USA Bassin tournaments 'Do Not' allow the A-Rig!

Remember, fishing all of a division's tournaments will earn you 'more points'! The divisional winners will be invited to fish in the regionals and also fish in the 'Lucas Oil' Tournaments of Champions! So, if you want to finish high and fish on for 4 or even 5 digit winnings and even a chance to fish for a new Ranger Bass boat with Mercury motor, this is the best way. Fish them all, and accumulate the points required to fish on to regional and national tournaments!

Current Fishing Reports Table Rock lake!

Eric Prey Fishing Report, Click Here!

Pete Wenners Fishing Report, Click Here!





  • Biggest Bass Spring 2018; Westin Yancey 7.15 Table Rock Mill Creek

  • Kyle Moore/Andy Archdale, MO14 2019 Spring Division Champs

  • Tre & Skye Scoggins, 7th place division

  • 18.29 lbs Biggest Winning Bag MO14 Table Rock Spring 2018, Randy & Wes Yancey

  • Division Champs Table Rock Spring 2018 MO14, Randy & Wes Yancey


Division Champions

  • 2020 Kurtis Dooly / Lief Millican
  • 2019 Kyle Moore / Andy Archdale
  • 2018 Westin Yancey / Randy Yancey

Season Standings

Tournament Winners

  • 05/23/2020 Alan Quick / Marcus Sherman
  • 03/08/2020 Austin Ware / Randy Conlon
  • 06/09/2019 Brandon Stevens / Dewayne Coffee
  • 05/18/2019 Kyle Moore / Andy Archdale
  • 05/04/2019 Tim Johnson Mo / Simon Tapprich
  • 04/20/2019 Kyle Moore / Andy Archdale
  • 03/24/2019 Scott Purse / Mike Purse
  • 05/26/2018 Kevin Jackson / Pat Bremer
  • 05/19/2018 Nick Mitchell / Chris Baumbach
  • 04/14/2018 Brent Algeo / Jim Copeland
  • 03/31/2018 Cole Findley / Matt Ceser
  • 03/11/2018 Westin Yancey / Randy Yancey

Highest Season Weight

  • 2020 27.87 lbs. Kurtis Dooly / Lief Millican
  • 2019 59.03 lbs. Kyle Moore / Andy Archdale
  • 2018 36.26 lbs. Westin Yancey / Randy Yancey

Highest Winning Weight

  • 2020 19.31 lbs. Austin Ware / Randy Conlon
  • 2019 15.19 lbs. Kyle Moore / Andy Archdale
  • 2018 18.29 lbs. Westin Yancey / Randy Yancey

Lowest Winning Weight

  • 2020 15.04 lbs. Alan Quick / Marcus Sherman
  • 2019 11.92 lbs. Tim Johnson Mo / Simon Tapprich
  • 2018 10.89 lbs. Nick Mitchell / Chris Baumbach

Big Bass

  • 2020 6.51 lbs. Austin Ware / Randy Conlon
  • 2019 5.21 lbs. Kyle Moore / Andy Archdale
  • 2018 7.15 lbs. Westin Yancey / Randy Yancey

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