Robin's Resort LOZ Regional

Sep 28, 2017
Roger and Corey Cook rally for the win.

The Robin's Resort Lake of the Ozarks Regional was a two-day event held on Sept. 23rd and 24th. It featured a $2,000 first place prize and was held out of the Robin's Resort Ramp. 

Roger and Corey Cook took the win with a 33.49lb total for the two days. They were in 5th with 13.33lbs on the first day and then weighed 20.16lbs the second day. They fished the same way, but switched locations and that was the key to their success on the second day. "We caught them on jigs. Some flipping shallow, but most were in the 20-foot range," the team said. They fish the lake often and consider it their home lake. "We caught maybe 10 or 15 keepers the first day and then 20 keepers on the second day."

Top 5 Results:

  1. Cook / Cook 33.49
  2. Thompson  / Mcdonald 29.41
  3. White  / White 26.97
  4. Young / Young 26.43
  5. Wisdom / Mcfarland 25.41

Full Results

Thank you to Robin's Resort for hosting the event. For more information on the premier destination for lodging and family entertainment on Lake of the Ozarks, visit

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