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Date Lake Launch Ramp Time Results
09/19/2020La Cygne ReservoirLinn County Park Ramp7:00 am - 3:00 pmView
09/20/2020La Cygne ReservoirLinn County Park Ramp7:00 am - 3:00 pmN/A

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Bold indicates a division champion.
Teams in Red are Next Generation Teams
Teams in Blue are Coed Teams

* indicates team qualified for Ranger Comanche Classic.

1Sanders / Thomas14.52
2Groomes / Ulbrich11.59
3Sodamann / Shamhart11.58
4Spencer / Spencer10.89
5Delperdang / Legorreta10.74
6Herring / Dennis10.23
7Killion / Thompson9.96
8Springob / Henderson8.68
9Mckee / Mckee7.34
10Davis / Quintana7.12
11Collings Jr. / Collings Ser.6.21
12Reeder / Reeder4.40
13Gordon / Jackson4.30
14Capp / Rost3.52
15Defebaugh / Defebaugh3.32
16Hole / Shores2.47
17Drummond / Harries2.32
18Nelms / Bowman2.22
19Cody / Pressnell2.12
20Bryan / Bryan0.00

Contact Regional Staff


David Mcdonald
421 E 3rd
Douglass, KS 67039

Assistant Director

Steve Maxwell
2210 Rita Ave
Wichita, KS 67213



Regional Information

Kansas State Regional

Note: Black Bass pass will be in effect in order to weigh fish under 18 inches you will need the pass which can be purchased where Kansas fishing licenses are sold. 

Linn County Park requires a daily fee of $3.00 per vehicle can be purchased at the lake store or self pay kiosk. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will not be holding a picnic Saturday night.

 Morning Registration

This is a best of two day tournament the total of two days determines the winners. One member from each team must check in each day at the registration table 5:30 to 6:00am including Sunday. If you fail to check in you will be disqualified.

Only one person from each team to come to the morning registration and only one team at a time may approach the check in table if you have registered by mail you just need to check in. If you have not registered by mail you need to fill out registration and pay $160.00 in cash Saturday at registration and check in.

There will be a prelaunch meeting on land…… stay at least 6’ apart on or near 6:00am after registration and checkin is completed. All necessary information will be given to the team members at this time.

There will not be a random draw for launch your launch number is determined by when your payment  was received for both days......... check entries received on the web site to see your launch number.

After check in and live well check may put your boat in the water after morning meeting proceed to the staging area.


Anglers, only one person from a team brings the fish to the weigh-in.

If more than 1 angler is in line to keep your fish in the live well.

Stay a minimum of 6 feet apart.

Anglers after you have weighed-you may hang around but stay back from the weigh in area 15 feet and at least 6 feet apart.

Sunday Payout

I will call each team that won money to come up one at a time to receive their money and take pictures. 

We will be paying out 3 places for this tournament

Registration Information

Tournament Information

Registration Date: 09/19/2020 Tournament Date: 09/19 & 20/2019
Registration Hours: 5:30am – 6:00am

Tournament Location: La Cygne Reservoir

Pre-tournament Meeting: 6:00 AM


Ramp: Main Linn County Park Ramp by Park Office

            Entry Fee: $150.00 Per Team

Entry fee includes Big Fish Pot, Chance at Uncle Sam Bass & Lake Usage fee

There will be a $10.00 fee for paying an entry at registration $160.00 in cash.

Tournament Hours: 7:00 am - 3:00pm


Registration Site   

Main Linn County Park Ramp by Park Office


          Tournament Director                                           

David Mcdonald
421 E 3rd
Douglass, KS 67039





  • 1st place 2018 Regional


Tournament Standings

Tournament Winners

  • 09/19/2020 Chris Sanders / Dylan Thomas
  • 09/21/2019 Randy Collings Jr. / Randy Collings Ser.
  • 09/22/2018 Dana Hansen / Chad Wiley
  • 09/24/2017 Larry Gawith / John Hughey
  • 09/23/2017 Scott Sennett / None None
  • 10/09/2016 Conley Brown / Vinton Brown
  • 10/08/2016 Scott Sennett / Jadd Munn
  • 10/04/2015 Craig Wolf / Sam t. Smith
  • 09/28/2014 Nathan Kozlowski / Lance Maldanado
  • 09/27/2014 Larry Gawith / John Hughey
  • 09/29/2013 James Lyne / Brent Lanoue
  • 09/28/2013 James Norred / Lance Preuninger
  • 09/22/2012 Darren Brown / Dessa Brown

Big Bass

  • 2020 5.86 lbs. Max Killion / Jamie Thompson
  • 2019 4.81 lbs. Jeremy Jackson / Korey Gordon
  • 2018 5.11 lbs. Dana Hansen / Chad Wiley
  • 2017 4.26 lbs. Dan Mcfarland / Edward Spencer
  • 2016 5.12 lbs. Darrell Brown / Gale Brown
  • 2015 3.20 lbs. Steve Taylor 1 / Tate Herrman
  • 2014 3.52 lbs. Terry Blackwood / Drew Blackwood
  • 2013 4.48 lbs. Danny Shepard / Chris Call
  • 2012 2.64 lbs. Darren Brown / Dessa Brown

Entries Recd

Last Updated: Sep. 14, 2020

The number in which your entry is received will determine your launch number at the tournament.

of teams


Team ID

1. Mark Cody / Heath Pressnell 0649520
2.        Phil Bryan / Diane Bryan 0253120
3 Jeremy Herring / Aaron Dennis 0307120
4 Marty Hole / Steve Shores 0051320
Joseph Springob / Martin Henderson
6 Jared Drummond / Carson Harries 0625720
7 Edward Spencer / David Spencer 0622320
8 Darrell Nelms / Brayden Bowman 0644720
9 Gregory Groomes / James Ulbrich 0253220
10 Ryan Sodamann / Josh Shamhart 0308420
11 David Defebaugh / Chandler Defebaugh 0308220    
12 Richard Fitzwater / Eddie Dixon 0307320
13 Shane Davis / Isaias Quintana 0550520
14 Kolbe McKee / Paul McKee 0308920
15 Nicholas Delperdang / Vincent Legorreta 0253320
16 Chris Sanders / Dylan Thomas 0621920
21 Earl Capp / Bill Rost 0307020
22 David McDonald / Steve Maxwell 0253020


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