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09/15/2018LAKE ST CLAIRSELFRIDGE7:30 am - 3:30 pmView

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1Fabiszak / Fowler23.90
2Sterling / Coffel22.90
3Bolka / Cermak21.00
4Bianchi / Yuska18.61
5Ralph / Goodrich17.60
6Hill / Pierce17.40
7Burke / Staples17.15
8Gloden / Gloden17.13
9Ormsby / Petro16.80
10Martin / Nebelung15.40
11Cox / Sauer15.11
12Cody / Godlevske14.10
13Mumford / Northup13.30
14Shropshire / Johnson13.10
15Timmons / None12.20
16Fox / Harper12.11
17Huffman / Warstler12.00
18Curry / Estes8.90
19Case / Case7.60
20Wireman / Wireman7.60

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Tom Billings
1179N 450E
Chesterton, IN 46304



Eastern Michigan Regional Information

We had 31 Teams at this years event. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the great fishing this Lake has to offer. Watch for this regional to grow and become a premier USA BASSIN event in the future...

Congrats to the team of Fabiszak and Folwer for their 5 fish limit of 23.90 on St. Clair! It paid a nice $1,550 check and they certainly earned it. Even though the weather was great the lake was rough due to the many pleasure boaters out and about. I am sure they had a rough ride in as many of the teams did.

2nd place went to the team of Sterling and Coffel with a 5 fish limit of 22.90 and paid $930

Taking the 3rd and final money spot was the team of Bolka and Cermak with a 5 fish limit of 21.00 for a nice check of $620.

Big bass for this event was a tie at 5.80 going to Fabiszak/Folwer and Curry/Estes...

Once again thank you to everyone for coming out AND FOR THE GREAT FISH CARE THAT ALL TEAMS DID...I really appreciate all of you who helped take fish back out and let them go in deeper water!











Eastern Michigan Regional Information

Registration Information

Tournament Information

Registration Date: 09/15/2018

Tournament Date: 09/15/2018
Rain-Out Date: 09/16/2018

Registration Hours: 5:30am – 6:45am

Tournament Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm

Pre-tournament Meeting: 7:00 am


Tournament Location:

Lake St. Clair

Entry Fee: $140.00 Per Team

(Entry fee includes Big Fish Pot & Chance at Uncle Sam Bass)


Selfridge Ramp


Registration Site:

Selfridge Ramp

Tournament Director

Tom Billings
1179N 450E
Chesterton, IN 46304


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  • Tom Billings

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Tournament Standings

Tournament Winners

  • 09/15/2018 Ron Fabiszak / Jason Fowler
  • 09/23/2017 Alex Watts / Korbin Garvey
  • 09/18/2016 Aaron Feeback / Don Watts

Big Bass

  • 2018 5.80 lbs. Niel Curry / Richard Estes
  • 2017 5.29 lbs. Charlie Land / Dayton Land
  • 2016 4.08 lbs. Roger Ralph / Jerry Rood
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