Indiana Ranger Team Trail

Complete listing for Indiana

IN-01 Brookville Lake Fall DivisionIN-02 Brookville Lake DivisionIN-03 Summit/Prairie Creek Division
IN-04 Bischoff Spring DivisionIN-05 Hardy Lake Spring DivisionIN-06 Hardy Lake Tuesday Night Division
IN-07 Angel Mounds Fall DivisionIN-08 Lake Monroe Fall DivisionIN-09 Lake Monroe Spring Division
IN-10 Lake Monroe Saturday Night DivisionIN-11 Patoka Lake Fall DivisionIN-12 Patoka Lake Division
IN-13 Patoka Weeknight DivisionIN-14 Raccoon Lake Fall DivisionIN-15 Raccoon Lake Spring Division
IN-16 Sullivan Lake DivisionIN-17 Sullivan Lake Thursday Night DivisionIN-18 Geist Reservoir Fall Division
IN-19 Waveland DivisionIN-20 Green-Sullivan Strip Pit DivisionIN-21 West Boggs Division
IN-22 White River DivisionIN-23 White River Wednesday Night DivisionIN-24 Lake Lemon Division
IN-25 Kankakee River DivisionIN-26 Mississinewa Monday Night DivisionIN-27 Rocky Point Fall Division
IN-28 Marshall County DivisionIN-29 Shafer/Freeman DivisionIN-30 Southern Lake Michigan Division
IN-31 Northern Indiana Spring CircuitIN-32 Geist Reservoir DivisionIN-33 Southern Indiana Division
IN-34 North Central Indiana DivisionIN-35 Glenn Flint DivisionIN-36 Shakamak State Park Division
IN-37 Dogwood Lake DivisionIN-38 Bass Lake Tuesday Night DivisionIN-39 Honey Creek Tackle Division
IN-40 Pike & Dubois Fall County DivisionIN-41 545 Northern Indiana DivisionIN-42 Starve Hollow/John Hay Monday Night Division
IN-43 Bischoff Res. Fall DivisionIN-44 Green-Sullivan Strip Pit Fall DivisionIN-45 Sullivan Lake Fall Division
IN-46 Glenn Flint Fall DivisionIN-47 Lake Santee DivisionIN-48 Geist Reservoir Fall Weeknight Division
IN-49 Cataract Lake DivisionIN-50 Monroe Thursday Night DivisionIN-51 Prides Creek Division
IN-52 Rocky Point DivisionIN-53 Brush Creek DivisionIN-54 Ohio River Tanners Creek Division
IN-55 Geist Spring / Summer Night DivisionINCE-01 Southern Indiana Co-Ed DivisionINNG-01 Southern Indiana Next Generation Division
INNG-02 Southern Indiana Division

U.S.A. Bassin Team Trail

The U.S.A. Bassin Team Trail is a team based trail. You are allowed to fish this trail with any current member of U.S.A. Bassin. If you want to fish with someone who isn't a member, that person needs to become a member first. It's a quick and simple process to become a member. Any person that is under the age of 19 before the end of the season is considered a youth and their membership is free.

Team Trail Overview:

  • 10 Tournament Divisions with a  $25.00 Entry Fee have a 70% payback
  • 5 Tournament Divisons with a $50.00 Entry Fee have a 70% payback
  • 5 Tournament Divisions with a $75.00 Entry Fee have a 80% payback
  • Finish the season with 250+ points to qualify for a regional tournament

If you qualify for a regional tournament, you may fish any regional you choose. Finishing in the top 30 percent of a regional tournament qualifies a team to fish either the Ranger Comanche Classic or the Ranger Aluminum Cup, your choice. Teams that finish in the bottom 70 percent qualify to fish only the Ranger Aluminum Cup. Please visit our Championship section to read more detail on those tournaments.

Next Generation Teams: 

  • 150 or more points qualifies for the Next Generation Classic
  • 250 or more points qualifies for the Next Generation Classic and a Regional Tournament of your choice

Co-Ed Teams:

  • 150 or more points qualifies for the Co-Ed Classic
  • 250 or more points qualifies for the Co-Ed Classic and a Regional Tournament of your choice

Click Here to view all Team Trail events

More Ways To Win!!

Catch the biggest bass in any U.S.A. BASSIN tournament or hit the Uncle Sam Bass Lottery using an All Pro Rod and receive a free All Pro Rod. To qualify for this program the rod must have been purchased from the U.S.A. BASSIN Web Site during the 2015 season.
All USA BASSIN tournaments will be eligible for Denali's contingency program. Any qualified winner will win up to $250 Denali retail rod credit redeemable for Denali rods at any participating dealer or Certificate amount is determined by total number of boats fishing respective tournament. Payout is $5 per boat with a maximum of $250 (minimum 10 boat field).
Win a Free Entry!!! Finishes in 1st or 10th place in any USA BASSIN tournament and Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc. will pay 100% of the next tournament entry fee if both fishermen qualify for the contingency or 50% if only one fisherman on the team qualify. To qualify for this program the Solar Bat sunglasses must have been purchased from the U.S.A. BASSIN Web Site during the 2014 season.